Real Estate

Real EstateWertime Guyer LLC provides real estate services to clients including:

  • Preparation of Sales Agreements – Purchasers and sellers of property can have their agents or brokers prepare the both purchase and sale agreements.
  • Deeds – These are legal documents which are used to confirm that property has been transferred from one owner to another, making it important to be sure that they are created properly.
  • Mortgages and Mortgage Notes – We can help with outlining the monthly payment and when it is due, the interest rate, loan charges, any late fees and other default terms.
  • Application for Compliance with or Relief from Municipal Zoning and Subdivision Requirements – Subdivision regulations control the pattern of development. This is the how the land is divided up for land uses and infrastructure like roads or utilities.
  • Settlement Services – The title insurance process assists in reducing the chance that title problems will come up, and the policies issued will help guard against loss when ownership rights are questioned.

Wertime Guyer LLC also makes appropriate client referrals for settlement of residential mortgages.