Estate Administration

Estate AdministrationAt death, Wertime Guyer LLC assists the personal representative with the timely administration of the loved one’s estate, including probate of the will, marshalling of estate assets, determination and settlement of estate debts and liabilities, preparation of relevant tax returns, distribution of assets, and for the benefit of the estate beneficiaries, preparation of an account detailing all transactions of the estate.

Just as every person is different, so is the administration of their estate.  Life styles; mixtures of beneficiaries and heirs; family dynamics; asset portfolios; debts; pre-death estate planning, if any; whether or not there is a will; number of jurisdictions involved; conflicts; litigation; and collateral issues; all factor into the complexity of an estate administration.

Wertime Guyer LLC strives to provide guidance to the personal representative to permit administration of the estate in the most efficient manner allowable under the circumstances.